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"MACCHIA, born from the union of three important factors: tradition, since Vermouth places its origins in Piedmont (1786); evolution, because the variant of myrtle, a typical Sardinian shrub used to sweeten wines, is introduced; historicity, which links both regions in the Kingdom of Sardinia and Piedmont (1720-1861). White wine, pure brown sugar, a refined selection of herbs, spices and the particularity of myrtle berries, make this Vermouth unique in its kind "! Emilio Rocchino

Red Myrtle Vermouth 

The union between selected white and aromatic Sardinian wines, fragrant herbs, leaves and myrtle berries and crystalline sugar generates a classic red vermouth.
The slow maturation in steel tanks gives the product an amazing garnet color with amber and violet reflections that elegantly accompanies the nose the classic wine olfactory imprint supported by hints of Mediterranean scrub and wild berries.
At the moment of tasting it releases all its elegance, opening itself in a slight alcoholic embrace that is a prelude to a long and satisfying persistence, rich in subtle spicy and bitter returns.
The intense sensations of fresh myrtle, vanilla and citrus fruit are captured on the nose, all wrapped in a delicate caramel mantle.

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White Mistral Vermouth 

From the association between Italian white wines, Sardinian wines, herbs, spices and citrus fruit from the island, this amber vermouth has a great character.
The traditional processing of infusions gives the finished product an incomparable elegance.
It offers soft floral scents to the nose accompanied by the typical notes of myrtle and juniper.

Elegantly soft tasting is very fresh and refined by a long distinctly citrusy persistence of the pompía (native citrus fruit).
Processed with traditional methods, without haste and matured for a long time
represents the expression of a territory rich in tradition and spontaneity.

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Dry Vermouth  Marino

To reproduce the style of French Vermouth, a very ancient noble wine is used: Vernaccia di Oristano “flor”.
The sweet botanicals give aromaticity and only a very small one is used part of sugar to exalt at best the salty and oxidized notes, typical of dried Vermouth.

• straw yellow with amber reflections
• aromatic with notes of helichrysum and pompía
• dry and fresh, aromatic persistence with salty notes

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Traditional Red Bitter 

The careful infusion of herbs, spices and roots of the territory express the essence of Sardinia. Ruby red in color, it offers elegant sensations with notes of strawberry tree, artichoke and helichrysum.
Intense and harmonious, with fresh hints of orange and pompía and a delicate and bitter end, with slight floral nuances of myrtle.

MACCHIA traditional red bitter is tasted with ice, with addition of soda but also as an ingredient in mixing.

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Macchia Selvaggio Gin 

The territorial expression of an island

It comes from the distillation of Sardinian  juniper berries: COMUNE  and COCCOLONE.
Limpid and crystalline, it emits distinctive resinous olfactory characteristics, slight floral scents and myrtle leaves; a touch of wild oregano and the surprising freshness of the “Citrus monstrous” delineate the bouquet.

The essential botanicals fully express a unique and suggestive territory, immersed in the Mediterranean scrub.

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